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Founded by Shannon in 2018, encaptiv is the ultimate audience engagement and conversion platform for in person, virtual and hybrid presentations and events. 

encaptiv Origin Story

During my time in the corporate world, as well as my experience in teaching at the college level and coaching individuals on presentation skills, I consistently encountered several issues with presentations and events, particularly those conducted in person:

  1. Presenters tended to talk AT their audience rather than fostering a two-way conversation.

  2. Audience members were frequently distracted by their devices within 7 to 10 minutes of the presentation. Even worse, most of them were unaware of why they had become disengaged.

  3. The lack of a reliable method to measure audience engagement made it challenging to identify who was truly engaged and which content resonated the most.

  4. Opportunities were being lost when the audience left the room. While they were enthusiastic about taking action during the presentation, life's distractions often got in the way once they left.

One day, while coaching a client and addressing the usual concerns about audience engagement, presentation technology, and closing deals, I had a sudden realization. I pondered the abundance of technology available and believed there had to be a better way to tackle these challenges. So, like most people, I turned to Google to find a solution. Although I came across some technologies that addressed parts of the problem, I couldn't find a comprehensive and holistic solution. Determined to find an answer, I decided to sketch out what my ideal solution would look like.

Initially, as a communication enthusiast and not a programmer, I had no intention of taking any action beyond conceptualizing the idea. However, as I showed my concept to clients, their enthusiastic response, and their eagerness to sign up, made me realize that I needed to bring this vision to life. So, I assembled a team of skilled tech professionals and founded encaptiv!

Today, encaptiv provides invaluable assistance to presenters and event organizers, helping them significantly improve audience engagement, measure the level of engagement, boost ROI through targeted calls to action, and enhance presentations and events using detailed audience analytics.

I invite you to experience the impact of an engaged audience by trying encaptiv for your next presentation or event!

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Shannon Malkin Daniels

Public Speaking, Communication & Confidence Coach

Founder & CEO, encaptiv

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