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public speaking fundamentals

Are you ready to unleash your inner speaker and captivate any audience? The SPEAC Success: Public Speaking Fundamentals course is designed to equip you with the essential skills and techniques to become a confident and compelling communicator. Over the span of six weeks, this comprehensive program will take you on a transformative journey, helping you overcome stage fright, refine your delivery, and deliver impactful speeches that leave a lasting impression.

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week 1

Crafting Authentic & Engaging Audience-Centric Content

In the first week, you will learn the art of crafting authentic and engaging content that resonates with your audience. You will explore techniques to identify your audience's needs and tailor your message accordingly. Through interactive exercises and practical examples, you will gain insights into effective communication strategies, ensuring your speeches are relevant, persuasive, and impactful.

week 2

Storytelling & Speech Structure

During week two, you will dive into the power of storytelling and speech structure. You will learn how to structure your speeches effectively to captivate your audience from start to finish. Additionally, you will explore the art of storytelling, leveraging narratives and anecdotes to make your presentations more engaging and memorable.

Visual Aids.png

week 3

Effective Visual Aids & Presentation Technology

In this week, you will explore the effective use of visual aids and presentation technology. You will discover how to create visually appealing slides, select appropriate multimedia elements, and use technology to enhance your message without overwhelming your audience. By the end of the week, you will possess the skills to seamlessly integrate visual aids into your presentations to reinforce key points and engage your listeners.

week 4

Mastering Body Language & Verbal Delivery

Week four focuses on mastering the art of body language and vocal delivery. You will discover the impact of non-verbal communication, including posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact. Moreover, you will explore techniques to enhance your vocal delivery, such as tone, pitch, pacing, and modulation. By practicing these skills, you will develop a commanding presence and deliver your speeches with clarity and conviction.


week 5

Building Confidence & Overcoming Stage Fright

In week five, you will focus on building confidence and conquering stage fright. You will learns Shannon’s 3 P’s - powerful strategies to manage anxiety, project a strong presence, and establish a connection with your audience. Through interactive exercises and supportive feedback, you will develop the self-assurance needed to step onto any stage with poise and conviction.

week 6

Handling Q&A and Impromptu Speaking

Week six focuses on sharpening your ability to handle Q&A sessions and impromptu speaking. You will learn techniques to think on your feet, respond confidently to unexpected questions, and navigate challenging situations. Through improv, simulated scenarios and real-world exercises, you will develop the skills to handle any impromptu speaking opportunity with ease and grace.


join us and unlock the power of your voice!

By the end of this six-week journey, you will have developed a solid foundation in public speaking, enabling you to deliver speeches with clarity, confidence, and impact. Whether you aspire to excel in your career, inspire others, or simply become a more effective communicator, this course will equip you with the skills to succeed.


The SPEAC Success: Public Speaking Fundamentals course is a hands-on learning experience designed to fine-tune your presentation skills and empower you to deliver impactful speeches. You will receive personalized feedback and coaching to refine your strengths and address areas for improvement.


Each session in the six-week course is 2 hours in length and is in person. Sessions are limited to 10 participants per session to maximize your hands-on learning opportunities and provide a more personalized learning experience. Light refreshments will be served.

upcoming cohorts

darien, ct


January 25, 2024 - February 29, 2024


8:30 AM - 10:30 AM ET


320 Boston Post Rd.

Suite 180-182

Darien, CT 06820


(In person)

Payment plans available.

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