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Take your public speaking and communication skills to the next level with these complimentary training videos, tip sheets and resources.

Community: the true measure of success

In this TEDx, Shannon challenges you to redefine the way you measure success. 

insider tips for giving a tedx talk

Do you dream of giving a TEDx Talk that moves audiences and spreads groundbreaking ideas Whether you’re just starting to explore TEDx speaking or actively working on a talk proposal, this interview is for you. Shannon Malkin Daniels sat down with Gillian Whitney, LinkedIn Live Stream Strategist and Coach, to share her insider tips on finding the right TEDx conference, crafting a compelling application, and developing engaging content within the TEDx format. They also discussed effective ways to build your personal brand and thought leadership presence on and off LinkedIn to increase your chances of getting selected by TEDx organizers.

Command Every Room: Master the Art of Confident Public Speaking!

Shannon Daniels joined Annette Richmond, Personal Brand Architect at Black Dog Marketing Strategies, on the Smarter Career and Business Moves Live Show to discuss how you can become a more confident speaker.

Speech Structure 

Whether you're writing a letter, dissertation, email or even a tweet, the structure of your language is important so that your reader can make sense of the information you're sharing with them. A speech is no different - it must be structured in a clear, organized fashion so that your audience stays engaged and clearly understands your point.


Watch the viral video assigned by teachers to their students around the globe!

Communicate With Confidence

Get a sneak preview of the first Vermilion Talent Coaching video featuring Shannon Malkin Daniels providing you with insights on how to Communicate with Confidence. For member access to the full video, Vermilion Talent invites you to become a member.

Tips for Public Speaking

Shannon Malkin Daniels shares her tips for effective public speaking with Resource University. Find more such videos from professors and experts from all over the world on "Meet The Professors" at

Virtual Presentation Tips

When speaking at an in person event, do you show up right at session start time expecting to be mic'ed up, your slides working properly, comfortable with the room and ready to go? Or do you show up early to get the lay of the land, test the mic, get familiar with the room and lighting, and check to make sure your slides are working? Most do the latter when it comes to delivering an in person presentation, but in the day and age of virtual we've gotten so accustomed to flipping on a web cam that we forget the importance of showing up early and preparing for success. In this LIVE session we are joined by business communication and public speaking educator, coach, and mentor, Gino Perrotte, Founder of Right Brain Journeys, who will dish loads of juicy virtual presentation tips that will make YOU a shining 💫STAR 💫 at your next virtual event!

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