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I had a wonderful experience when I worked with Shannon over the course of my summer before college. I aimed to become less nervous in social settings, specifically public speaking. From the start, Shannon got to work to understand the goals I had in mind. Shannon honed in on specific details about my public speaking struggles. These details were implemented throughout our meetings, making the learning experience feel tailored to myself and more personal. Shannon also found outside events for me to attend where I could implement the skills we developed during our sessions. This allowed me to achieve my goals in a real-world setting. Through this, Shannon’s teaching expanded beyond just our scheduled sessions. Shannon’s focus on her students’ personal goals and attentiveness created a genuine, valuable learning experience.

Sam Elder

"I’m Founder & CEO of an early stage Fintech startup, and recently needed to make an important presentation to a large group of industry executives. Fortunately for me, Shannon was available and in short order helped me to produce and deliver a knockout speech.  In a word, Shannon is the best! If you are a business owner, professional, or just someone who needs to make a persuasive, compelling pitch, work with Shannon. She quickly grasped the essence of my business, how it uniquely creates value and the most important messages I needed to convey. But more importantly, Shannon’s ability to put herself and her clients into the shoes of the audience is transformative. She knows that ultimately, we are all trying to appeal to peoples’ emotions. That presentations and pitches are less about us and more about our audience.  


In my case, she helped me to invert my messaging to immediately grab the audience and position my company and messaging in a context that is important for them. The result, in my case, was our securing connections to some large game changing partners. If you’re thinking about doing a presentation and want it to break through, run to Shannon. You’ll be very thankful that you did."

John Ventura

Founder & CEO, Cashpath Financial

“I murdered my presentation today! I stressed too much about the copy and visuals when all I needed was a guide. Shannon gave me a ton of pointers and the presentation just flowed. The CEO called the 2 ½ hour presentation I gave to all the top level execs “brilliant,” and already stated he wants me to lead their new initiatives.”

JC Cavanaugh

Founder, Clever Conversions

"Whether she's teaching public speaking to a crowd, or coaching small groups of entrepreneurs for greater success -- Shannon leverages her vast experience in sales enablement and marketing for the benefit of her clients. She truly listens, can "hear" what isn't being said and is quick to analyze each "challenge" and propose creative recommendations for her clients. I've seen her in action on numerous occasions -- she's approachable and gifted -- a true rock star!"

"Shannon's Concept to Conclusion Program was just what I needed to get in shape for public speaking. The structure and organization of the material is user-friendly and she provides wonderful resources for you to create powerful presentations. She is motivating in her teaching style, yet sensitive to where you need a little more support. I've taken both Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie courses. However, Shannon's program filled in all the holes for me that I was missing." 

Melinda Loo

L.M.T. & Holistic Health Coach, Essential Bodywork & Wellness